Existence of a well-developed textile finishing industry in Turkey makes possible production and marketing of highly value added, fashionable and quality products. Cotton textile products such as cotton, fiber, yarn and woven fabrics constitute about 24% of total textile exports. In recent years the relationship between the Turkish textile industry and its UK customers started.. read more →

Turkey has also gained valuable experience in fabric design and it is started to present its special designs with fashion shows in prominent markets. Turkish textile industrialists, most of whom has created their own trademark together with the patent rights, provide the most important foreign home textile and clothing companies with their fabric. Many pattern.. read more →

The history of textile production in Turkey goes back to the Ottoman period. In the 16th and 17th centuries, textile production was widespread and at an advanced level. The fact that until the end of the empire the Ottoman industry was heavily relied on textile industry was the clear indication of the importance of the.. read more →

While the export value of the Turkish Textile Sector was 1, 1 million dollar in 1990, it has reached to 5,4 billion dollars by the end of 2009. In other words, total textile exports of Turkey folded five times within the last 20 years. According to WTO statistics for 2008, Turkey ranked seventh in the.. read more →